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Win the Battle Against Mold with a Dehumidifier

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Mold can become a real nightmare if you don’t learn how to fight against it with effective weapons and manage to remove it from the roots, not only on the surface. Besides being unaesthetic, mold can bring serious health problems such as pneumonia and hepatitis, therefore, you should immediately take action to combat the cause and effects of mold in your house.

What causes mold?

Mold and dampness may occur in walls built of permeable materials such as brick, plaster or mortar, that were provided with incomplete measures of isolation or mistakes on waterproofing execution have been made. The main factor that produces mold is the moisture and masonry buildings often have a certain moisture content. Sometimes during the construction of a building, waterproof plastering can be performed too fast and the water in the building components like mortars and concrete may not be eliminated. In this way, building walls may be affected by moisture immediately after construction, which favors the formation of mold spores.

How can you fight mold?

Moisture can come from both inside the house because of water vapors that condense on the walls, and from the outside because of uninsulated foundation or damaged roofs. When you see mold stains on your walls, you think that the only remedy would be to wash and repaint them. You can find on the market various products to fight mold, but they are not effective in the long term. Removing mold and mildew with a solution you find in stores or painting the walls will not solve this problem. Although it will not be as visible as before, mold will continue to grow within the wall and will create spores, maintaining an unhealthy climate. To eliminate moisture producing sources, it is recommended to assure a proper ventilation and heating of the rooms. Also, in order to obtain humidity control and to solve problems caused by condensation, it is good to have in the room a dehumidifier that will absorb the excess moist. The dehumidifier works as a sponge and attracts the vapors in the air, passes them through a cooling chamber and releases dry air back into the room, assuring a normal and healthy level of humidity. We advise you to visit in order to find out more about the best dehumidifiers on the market. There are several types of dehumidifiers, namely desiccant, air compression and thermo-electric system dehumidifiers and you should choose the appropriate one for you depending on the size of the room you want to place it in and the amount of mold you want to remove.