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Tips for Designing a Patio That You can Enjoy All Year Round

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The patio is often overlooked and is not getting a spectacular design because all your attention is going on gardening. We agree it is important to have a beautiful garden designed in a more special way, but at the same time you should take care of your patio because unlike the garden, which most often is located behind the house or in its side, the patio is located in front of the house, which means it is the most visible area. If you want to have a patio you can enjoy all year round, there are some things you should have in mind when you start designing it.

Choose resistant pieces of furniture

The furniture is a very important aspect in designing any area, and you should not ignore it in your patio’s design. If you don’t want to change the pieces depending on the season, the best thing is to get furniture that is appropriate for both sunny and cold days. The wrought iron is the most suitable material, but you can also choose cement tables and benches or even lacquered wood. Opt for cushions and covers that are soft and comfortable and that you can take inside if it is raining or if it is too hot to sit on them. A lounge chair is perfect as you can move it around the patio and enjoy a cocktail while sitting on it.

Opt for lasting plants

The vegetation has its decorative role in a patio and you should opt for species that resist for many seasons in a row, such as conifers, salvia, the coral spurge or verbenas, which will bloom during spring covering your patio in a delicate perfume, and will remain green during winter. Another great idea is to grow mosquito repellent plants such as citronella, marigolds, horse-mint or catnip that will keep nasty mosquitoes away from your patio during summer days and nights.

Keep a comfortable temperature all year long

The temperature is an important aspect if you want to enjoy sitting on your patio all year round, therefore, you must assure a comfortable level of temperature regardless the outside ambiance. While an air conditioner can offer you chill during hot summer days, an infrared patio heater will provide warmth in cold days of autumn and winter. This device uses infrared waves that are similar to the sun rays to heat the bodies and objects on your patio and thus allowing you to enjoy staying outdoors even in low temperatures. Discover the best infrared patio heaters by visiting The stylish design of the infrared heaters in shapes of fireplaces or umbrellas make them interesting and versatile decorating items.