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Space Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens

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We present to you some space saving ideas for small kitchens. This is how you can make some room for some practical seats and table, for your little storeroom, for your large kitchen objects and for your winter pickles. We also show you two kitchen models that incorporate a sink, an electric stove, a mini refrigerator and even some storage solutions for kitchen utensils.

Smart Cofee Table

Who says that the coffee table must be separated from your kitchen cupboards? There is no problem if you have a small kitchen and you like the minimalist kitchen design. Combine them and have a functional surrounding furniture almost incorporated into your walls.

Storage Closet

If you’re looking for an interesting storage closet solution then this is a good example for how you have to make your kitchen cupboards to look like. These are not only some space saving ideas for small kitchens but for any kind of kitchen in the world that would aspire to a tidy appearance.

Large kitchen utensils solution

Who says that your drawers must be only horizontal? Make a few vertical drawers in your kitchen furniture in order to deposit the large kitchen objects such as voluminous spatulas and ladles. Even if you may have enough space on your counter top for them, your kitchen will have a cleaner and tidier look if you keep those utensils masked.

Round kitchen

The round kitchens are some perfect space saving ideas for small kitchens. You can have a sink, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and still have some storage space left. What could you want more? It’s like imagining yourself preparing the food in the kitchen of some Star Wars ship.

Store your winter pickles

Sometimes the easiest and the lightest solution that will give you the illusion of a larger space in your kitchen is to have your walls crammed with jars. The trick is to have the same type of jars and lids. Try to mix them as little as possible.

The smallest kitchen ever

A little integrated kitchen doesn’t necessarily need to have curves. This is the perfect example that a linear kitchen will be equally practical. In fact, if you plan to put it in the middle of a wall then you should choose the linear kitchen. If you plan to position your little kitchen in a corner of your house then it’s better to have the roundish version.