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Small Bathroom Decor Tips

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When it comes to small bathroom decor, the key is to keep it simple and avoid clutter. Avoid loud colors and only focus on the essentials. The way you plan or remodel a new or existing bathroom is very important. There are many aspects to be taken in consideration, such as storage, function and appearance. Moreover, interior designers have all sorts of tricks to make the most of small bathrooms.

Work with a good remodeling company

Despite the fact that you are working with a small space, it is still necessary to employ professionals for a renovation process. Finding good contractors shouldn’t be difficult since every business has their services listed online nowadays. For example, if you live in north Virginia, search the internet for bathroom remodeling northern VA companies. You will surely find a good company close to you. For those of you who actually live in northern VA, we recommend KBR Kitchen & Bath. They have a very good reputation and they can turn even the smallest bathroom into a sanctuary.

Consider your storage needs

Storage is challenging because even in a small bathroom you should still find all the necessities. A key in making a small bathroom seem larger is to know how to utilize every square inch of the bathroom. For example, you might want to consider a cabinet with many compartments above the vanity where you can store the shampoo, the conditioner, etc. The cleaning supplies can be stored under the sink in a shower tote or basket. Pedestal sinks are something that must be avoided in a small bathroom because although they have a great appearance they are impractical when it comes to storage.

Choose functional decor elements

It is very important that your small bathroom decor is as functional and appealing as possible. For grooming tasks, such as shaving and hair styling use proper lighting. For decorative purposes use sconces or multibulb strips above the vanity or lavatory. If you want to take a moment to relax, use small low voltage lights which have dimmer switches. In a new or remodeled bathroom, low flow toilets are preferred in favor of pressure-assisted toilets which make more noise. When it comes to security, a small bathroom must have a ground-fault circuit to protect against a deadly shock from a blow dryer or other electrical devices. Also, a proper ventilation will prevent mold which often appears in the bathroom due to the high humidity. A small bathroom decor should not consist of many items. You should avoid having large posters on the walls or anything that takes much space. Instead, opt for a small bathroom mirror and keep the paint the same shade your tiles are. For example, if you have pale blue tile chose the same shade or even a lighter shade of pale blue, or a cream or peach color. A warm wall color can calm a place and make it seem bigger. Choose pastels and neutrals to create a relaxing environment and yellows and reds to make the place seem energized. If you want to add personality and make your bathroom seem unique, a cheap way to do so is to choose colorful/fun shower curtains and bathmats that belong to a theme.