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Scarry Halloween Decor Ideas

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We present to you some cute Halloween decor ideas. This is the time of the year when you can decorate your home in the scariest possible way. There are many cute Halloween decorations but the coolest ones are those that really make your heart flinch.


You know there couldn’t be a Halloween holiday without pumpkins. It’s up to you if you choose to paint them in orange and make some face holes in them or you just apply some thematic patterns on a bare pumpkin. You will need some bat molds of different sizes and a black spray paint.


A skeleton in a hammock would make your house appear the most agreeable place where strange creatures would like to spend their time. It’s a nice touch. This kind of decoration costs around $30 and you can order it on Amazon.

Monster with cut off head

If it weren’t scary we could easily recognize that this is a piece of art. You can get it on Amazon for around $50. The details make all the difference between reality and fiction. The more blood it has, the better it looks. Hide it in a bush or in a pile of fallen leaves where nobody would expect to find such thing and we guarantee you will scare all your trick-or-treaters.

Halloween gangsters

The scariest Halloween decor ideas are not pumpkins and skeletons but some gangster figures. Dress your Halloween puppets in suits, put some guns in their hands and you’ll see you’ll have no trick-or-treater at your door. This will be a great idea if you dress as a gangster as well. If that doesn’t sound like the right costume for you, you can check out other creepy costume ideas on

Tombstones for a scary graveyard

Spread some tombstones all around your yard and will have your personal scary graveyard. Depending on what kind of appearance you want your graveyard to have, you can make them by yourself or you can directly buy them. A set of 6 tombstones would cost you around $30. If you plan to have them handmade of cardboard, wood or styrofoam you will have much freedom for the message written on them.

Windows Halloween decor ideas

For around $7 you can place a menacing mummy right before your front windows. It brings your house to life and it’s so easy to hang on your window. If you would like the easier version you can put some posters with some Halloween Silhouettes decorations.

Creepy cloth

Wrap your entire house with creepy cloth to make it appear uninhabited and old. 4 yards of 30” width would cost almost $10. Have some realistic decorations such as hands that stick out of the ground or bloody monsters.