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Retro Dishwashers for Chic Kitchens

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It’s nice to have in your kitchen some retro dishwashers that will not only bring some color in your house, but they will also style your home. They have curvy shapes, bold daring colors and they clean your dishes better than the regular looking dishwashers. The manufacturers know that if you afford investing your money in a good looking dishwasher you can afford spending some for a few handy features too. We present to you two retro dishwashers that will bring the smile on your face every time you will enter in your kitchen. Either you choose the build-in dishwasher to fit your minimalist kitchen style or you prefer the freestanding dishwasher, besides the looks pay attention to the features of the product too.

SMEG Build-in Dishwasher

You have probably heard about SMEG before. They don’t only manufacture dishwashers, they do all kind of kitchen products such as ovens, hoods, refrigerators and freezers, coffee machines and cookers. They are recognized as strong, good quality appliances brand. The 50’s retro style SMEG build-in dishwasher is 60cm tall, it has 10 programs (the quick wash program is included too). It has 5 temperatures of 70, 65, 55, 45 and 39 Celsius degrees, it has a low energy consumption and 14 place settings. It uses 15 liters of water for every cycle. It comes available in more color versions:
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Cream
  • Red
It comes with an additional top basket that offers support for cleaning the cutlery. It comes with a few interesting model features such as:
  • Delay timer
  • Half load
  • Orbital system
  • Total aqua stop
  • Triple class A

SMEG Freestanding Dishwasher

About the SMEG freestanding dishwasher is good to know that it has exactly the same product features as the SMEG build-in dishwasher version but you have a larger color palette to choose from. The delay timer offers you support when you have guest in your house and you want to postpone the beginning of washing your dishes without needing to be there beside your dishwasher to turn it on. The half load is a very helpful feature that will allow you to wash fewer dishes using only half of your dishwasher. This way you will use only half of the water needed for a cycle. The triple class A feature shows that the product is very economical. Your kitchen not only it will look good but it will also be cheap to maintain. You have more color versions available for the freestanding dishwasher model:
  • Black
  • Pastel Blue
  • Cream
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Orange
  • Lime Green
If you want to discover more dishwashers which are both efficient and visually pleasing, visit There, you will find useful reviews which analyze the top rated dishwashers, based not only on their features and their energy consumption, but also on their size and their design.