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Retro Coffee Makers that Will Add Charm to Any Kitchen

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If you love coffee and you love the retro style then why not own a retro coffee maker? These coffee makers will add charm to your kitchen and you will wake up every morning with great pleasure when you know that you will prepare your coffee with one of these machines that we present to you below.

Espressione New Café Retro Espresso Machine

This beauty costs only $200 and it has a few features that will guarantee for the delectability of your coffee. This item is adaptable for the use of ground coffee or coffee servings.It has a precise gauge that shows you what is the brewing and the frothing temperature. It’s easy to clean because it has removable brew head. The descaling task is easy to do as well. Because of its smooth and curvy body it gets easily clean with a simple cloth. There are many customers that say that are very satisfied with this product. However, there are some voices that say that this product is not quite a great quality product after all.

Espressione Café Retró Espresso Machine – Larger version

This retro coffee maker costs around $400 and it has superior functions than the one that we have presented before has. It has a steel body, a heavy-duty aluminium boiler and a thermo-proof painted metal finish. It has 18 powerful bars of pump pressure – that’s what you pay all that money for. Its chassis is made of solid steel as well and it has some type of powder coated baked-on finish that inhibits rust. This means that once you buy it, this beautiful appliance will stay many years on the counter top of your kitchen. It has a quick warm up time. In maximum two minutes you will have a delicious freshly made coffee. It has a pull out knock box and cup warmer. It measures 12”x12.5”x13.8” and it weights 24 pounds, but don’t worry you don’t have to carry it every morning in your kitchen.

Illy Francis Francis! X1 Iperespresso Machines in Stainless Steel

This retro coffee maker is the most desirable coffee maker in our list. It costs around $650, it has an all-metal housing and it has a 15 bar pump. The interesting thing is that the automatic boiler refill will let you have continuous steam for your favorite drinks – latte and cappuccino. This type of coffee makers work with special coffee capsules. They are very easy to use, you don’t have to worry about measuring the right quantities anymore or pressing the coffee when you put it in the machine. You just put in the capsule and you will have an espresso with an amazing cream on top of it. $650 is still a great deal if you think about how that cream on top remains there for more than 15 minutes after you have prepared it. While a coffee maker’s design is very important, never forget that the features should be the main decision making factors. It is also best if you read some reviews of the product that you plan on buying.