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Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

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These modern living room decorating ideas will inspire you at the right moment when it seems like you don’t understand the philosophy of your actual living room decor anymore and you are looking for something new.

Mixed art trends

If you love art and you enjoy having beautiful masterpieces around you, you should invest some money in creating a modern living room decor that will incorporate art. It doesn’t have to be part of the same trend as long as it looks good together and it has some common elements. If you like this idea and you would want to be up to date with the latest interior design ideas, check out the website as often as possible. On that website, you will find plenty of decor tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your home, in terms of design and comfort.

Cozy atmosphere

If you have a softer side of your personality you should choose to have a cozy atmosphere in your modern living room decor design. The pale pastel pink combined with white, black and soft looking textures will give a very warm feeling to whoever may visit your house.

Modern urban living room

Having many spotlights in your house will help you capture the attention over the most interesting decorative objects that you have in your living room. Painting adjacent walls in different colors will give the illusion of a larger space. It’s ideal to do that, especially when you plan to merge the living room with the kitchen. Always try to keep a balance between warm colors and dark colors. Choosing some softer tones will guarantee your success for creating your modern living room decor all by yourself.


Having many details which don’t give the illusion of loaded atmosphere but which make the room look like it’s only reflecting your personality – this is translated by “sophistication”. The key to achieving this kind of living room decor is to wisely choose a color palette  and stick to it no matter what.

Light colored gathering space

When you start decorating your living room you must first think about what kind of purpose do you have for your house. If you are the social person type who likes to spend a lot of time in the company of friends and family then it would be nice if you didn’t make the large rooms look crowded. It’s better to have some wide windows that will give the illusion of an ever larger space, a central welcoming sofa, and some nice relaxing chairs.

Memorable details

No matter what kind of living room decorating ideas you choose, you should keep in mind that the memorable details are the salt and pepper of every house.