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How to Install a Home Water Filter

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If you want to make sure you and your family drink the purest water, the best thing you can do is install a water filter in hour home. There are various types of water filters, such as whole house or under the sink models, and the installation procedure differs from one type to another. Here are some indications in how to easily install a home water filter.

Installing a faucet water filter

This type of filter is the easiest to install as it only requires placing the chrome diverter on the water tap. The diverter is connected through some flexible tubes to a double cartridge that filters the water and provides up to 90 liters per hour of fresh, clean, perfect for cooking and drinking water. The filter consists in several chrome adapters which make installation possible on various faucet types.

Installing a whole house water filter

The whole house water filter allows you access to clean and purified water at every water source in your house, not only at a particular faucet. This model is installed on the main water pipe and you can do it yourself with some tools and a little patience. The first thing you need to do is turn off the water supply and turn on a faucet to relieve pressure. Then cut a section from the pipe, insert a push fitting of the water filter into the pipe, insert a 3” piece of pipe on the slip joint fittings, push the slip joint on the other side of the pipe and while holding tight the disconnect clip, slide the fitting on the other pipe. Now you can install the filter in the container, turn the water back on and enjoy fresh and clean water.

Installing an under the sink water filter

According to one of the best water filter reviews website,, the under sink water filter is the most convenient type of water filtration solution. It is affordable, efficient and relatively easy to install. To install an under the sink water filter you need to put a hole in the sink to guide the hose of the filter’s faucet through it. Once you have installed the faucet you need to turn off the water and connect the water hose from the wall to the sink and attach the splitter to the cold water pipe using some adapters then push in the white plastic tubing. After connecting the white tubing into the filter holder and the filter holder into the filter’s faucet, turn on the cold water and check the tubes for links. The faucet has a black lever on it that you need to press for water to come out from the faucet.