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How to Equip and Decorate Your Home Gym

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Who has not dreamed of having a gym at home, away from the local gyms that sometimes are too overcrowded? If you are planning to create your gym, focus on your favorite sports and determine your needs. Try to create a sports area in which you feel comfortable, otherwise it is not worth the investment because you will never set foot in there! Learn how to create your own home gym with these easy tricks.

Set up your own home gym

Creating a gym at home that is both pleasant and practical requires much more than good fitness equipment and high-tech machines. To develop a multi-purpose gym for the whole family, first install parquet flooring and a large mirror on the wall. If you have windows, they will provide a good natural source of light and improve the ventilation of your gym. Simply add a sound system and you can do aerobics, yoga, kickboxing or pilates. If your room is large enough, install a television, a weight bench and a power rack in a space dedicated to lifting weights.

Which room can be transformed into a gym corner?

If the surface area of your future gym is not very large, consider making it a duplicate room. A bike and a floor mat can easily find their place in a home office, a children’s play room, a guest bedroom or garage. A gym ball and yoga mat can also easily blend in. So you can train anywhere, but opt for the most practical and functional place in your home. For example, placing your sports equipment in the bedroom is not very wise if someone is sleeping when you want to exercise. Similarly, a non-insulated garage can become too hot in summer.

What kind of equipment is needed in a gym area?

The development of a yoga room will come down to a gym mat. For a room dedicated to a cardio and strength training activity, you can install a treadmill and an audio system to maintain your motivation. Read some reviews of 2015 great treadmills and choose a good unit. A treadmill should be found in any home gym. It offers more convenience than running outside. You can run inside when it’s late at night or during heavy rain. Also, moms and dads can run at home without having to pay for a babysitter. Also, the treadmill offers better shock absorption, resulting in less stress on your feet and knees, compared to running on asphalt and concrete surfaces. There are a lot of 2015 great treadmills that come with many interesting features. They can feature a folding design or innovative screens connected to Google maps that make you feel as if you are running in real locations.

How to decorate my gym at home?

Do not forget the finishing touches like painting the cabinets and accessories! Paint the walls a neutral color such as white, black or gray for a relaxing room. For a room full of energy, use bright colors like yellow, red or orange. Place a large clock on the wall to effectively monitor your time during exercises. Become your own fitness coach and think about hanging photo frames showing your achievements and installing wall shelves to store your sports trophies. Install a cabinet to store your towels and a bench to sit there while catching your breath or tying your shoes. Finally, install a mini fridge or water fountain to always have water at handy.