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How to Adapt a House for a Person With Mobility Impairments

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Disabled people have difficulties in walking, climbing stairs or reaching for things, and given these, the house where a person with mobility impairments lives should be adapted to their special needs and requests. The mobility scooter is an amazing innovation which can help people with mobility impairments reach a certain degree of independence. OnĀ you can find different types of mobility scooters, each one with their pros and cons. You will see that they don’t all have the same size and some of them are only suited for outdoors. Indoors, it is necessary to make some improvements in order for a person to use the mobility scooter. Here are some of the changes and improvements you should make in the house of a person with disabilities.

Provide immobilized people with practical mobility scooters

People who can not walk are the most in need for help and special devices that will allow them to fend for themselves. Most immobilized persons use a wheelchair to go from one place to another and move around their house, but such a device requires physical strength and may not be suitable for old people. In this case, a mobility scooter is the perfect vehicle that can transport disabled people, being easy to maneuver and giving them the possibility of doing their own shopping, visiting a friend and even traveling on long distances. Features like efficient braking systems, headrests, backrests, rear mirrors and safety belts make this machine easy to handle and perfect for every type of terrain, from sand to rough ground and even slopes that may exist in the yard. Smaller and lighter mobility scooters are great for indoor use and can help immobilized people easily move around the house thanks to the tight turning radius and small size. Make sure to install a climbing ramp at the entrance of the house and rails at the thresholds in order to assure a smooth handling and take out of the way any cables and carpets that might aggravate maneuvering the mobility scooter.

Consider installing a stairlift for safe stair climbing

Moving around the house may also mean climbing stairs, and for a person with mobility impairments, it can be difficult, painful or even impossible. To solve this problem and avoid possible accidents on the stairs, you should install a stair lift that can help disabled people go from one floor to another without the risk of falling. Carefully read some stair lift reviews and pick a safe and durable model. You can find some great reviews on the following website: If the immobilized person is using a wheelchair, you can choose a stairlift with a platform that can transport the wheelchair up and down the stairs. This way, the immobilized person will not be forced to live on one floor only and will be able to move around the house by themselves.

Install handrails were needed

Handrails are a great help for people with mobility impairments and there should be handrails installed particularly in the bathroom, where bending, getting on and off the toilet seat or getting in and out of the bathtub can be hard and even dangerous, and the handrails will assure a smooth movement and will avoid tripping and falling.