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Home Improvements that Will Protect Your Family’s Health

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These home improvements will protect your family’s health, that’s why it’s desirable to have them around you if you agree that it’s better to prevent than to cure a health condition. The degree of pollution is very high nowadays and in some areas the indoor air is even more polluted than the outdoor air.

Water filter

A water filter will eliminate all the harmful impurities from your tap water. Among the many conditions that one can get from drinking contaminated water there are: gastrointestinal illness, Legionnaire’s Disease, increased risk of cancer, anemia, nervous system damage, liver and kidney problems problems, skin damage, increase in blood pressure, intestinal lesions and many others. Only thinking about what risks you choose to expose yourself and your family to should terrify you. A water filter will protect you from the rust that is present in the water and from other harmful water contaminants. Installing a water filter is not difficult at all – you have the choice of installing a whole house water filter or a water filter that will only have effect over the water source for which it’s installed. Drinking filtered water is beneficial for your health but showering with filtered water may bring you even more benefits because in a 5 minute shower our body absorbs more harmful substances than after drinking a little cup of tap water. There are many studies that show that a water filter is economical too – on a long term you will save all the money that otherwise you would have spent it on bottled water. With that in mind, take a look at some whole house water filter reviews on and choose a filter that will protect your health from dangerous tap water contaminants.


Having a humidifier in your home will bring you many benefits. For example, it will help you alleviate snoring, it will make your wounds heal faster, you will not wake up anymore in the morning with your lips dry, your skin will look more moisturized and it relieves sinusitis. A humidifier shows its utility especially if it’s placed in the nursery, since babies have very sensitive skin. There are also some humidifiers with playful designs, created especially for nurseries. In order to increase your home’s level of comfort in the dry winter months, visit and find the best humidifier for your needs.


A dehumidifier is a helpful appliance that will help you keep under control the humidity level in your home. It may create the favorable conditions that will keep the dampness and mold away especially from your basement, kitchen or bathroom. In order to save your resources you should choose a dehumidifier that not only collects the water in the air but it also measures the humidity level and which is able to turn off by itself.

Air purifier

An air purifier device is the securest way for having a fresh and pure indoor air. The best rated air purifiers are the ones with HEPA filters. If you choose to connect such device to your central ventilation system you will have pure air in every room in your house. However, be careful when buying an air purifier as some of them can generate dangerous by products such as ozone. The air purifiers taht generate ozone should only be used when there is no one at home, otherwise the ozone can harm people’s lungs. When reading for reviews of the best rated air purifiers, make sure that they don’t generate ozone.