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Home Dehumidifier Buying Guide

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We present to you a short home dehumidifier buying guide. These are the features that you must pay attention to when you are about to purchase your very own home dehumidifier. First of all let me remind you need such appliance – if you live in a geographic area where there is a lot of moisture in the air, this thing can generate the emergence of mold or dampness, leaving some rooms in your house without the possibility to be used at their full capacity. for example your basement may be underused because of the level of humidity in here. A basement dehumidifier is a great investment that will make you earn another functional and habitable room in your house. If you think about it, it’s much cheaper to buy a dehumidifier and turn your basement into a habitable room, then to build a separate room in your house.

Size and capacity

The size and the capacity of your dehumidifier must be linked to your need – if the air in your house has a high level of moisture then you will need a big capacity appliance. There are three main types:
  • Small Capacity Dehumidifiers of 25-40 pints
  • Medium Capacity Dehumidifiers of 45-60 pints
  • Large Capacity Dehumidifiers of 65-70 pints
The bigger the water collecting tank the more autonomy your dehumidifier will have. For example a small capacity dehumidifier that has a large water collecting tank will allow you to leave it running in your house while you stay away in a holiday.


You must think about the portability – do you plan to move the dehumidifier from one room to another or not? If you choose a large, big capacity dehumidifier then it’s an interesting thought to make sure it has some wheels that will make the transportation easier.

Special features

Some dehumidifiers come with extra features such as air filters, auto-restart, caster wheels or a humidistat. A humidistat is a very helpful feature which allows you to set the level of the moisture in the air. If you want to keep the mold away from your house you should set your dehumidifier to keep your moisture level in the air at 50%. An air filter will make your home dehumidifier to act like an air purifier – this way you will have two appliances in one.


The last but not the least whatever humidifier you may choose you must make it fit with your home interior design. There are many models available on the market. You may be tempted to not take into consideration the design of your humidifier if you plan to put it in your basement – but think about what future design transformations  you will make in this room. Once you understand which are the features that make a difference, you need to read some dehumidifier reviews. When reading reviews don’t be fooled by fancy features which double the price of a dehumidifier, but focus only on those features which interest you.