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We all like to watch home and garden TV shows, yet when it comes to actually get some work done to our own places, most of us are quite lazy. Nevertheless, now that summer has just started, it’s time to take care of the yard and garden. The garden is the place where you will spend most of your free moments in the next half year. Therefore, in order to create an oasis of relaxation in your own garden, we’ve come with some tips and ideas on how to achieve that.

1. First impression always matters

The entrance to your garden is very important because as you know, first impressions count the most. If you noticed that over the winter rust stains appeared on the metal gate, it’s necessary to take action. Cleanse well the portions affected by rust, then apply a coat of primer on the gates and some paint. And to further beautify the entrance gate plant some hanging roses. After they grow, they will overwhelm you with a real cascade of flowers. Moreover, if you have a lawn, mow it regularly, otherwise, it will look sloppy. In order to ease this task, invest in a lawn mower suitable for your yard layout. Consider how leveled your terrain is and how you want the grass to be cut. For the best research, read some lawn mower reviews on

2. Beautify your alleys and pathways

No matter how nice it would be to have a wide natural garden, you still need some alleys to move from one place to another without having to step on the grass or flowers. Put them from place to place, in the green grass and improvise with stone and pebbles to create rustic pathways. If you have a sloping terrain, use the same stones for creating stairs. And if you join many large tiles, you’ll get mini platforms, on which you can even place a chair or a sunbed on each of them.

3. Create a functional space

The gardens that we see in home and garden magazines are surely beautiful with barbecue grills arranged in a corner, a relaxing place to another, and the dining area in a totally different side. Such an arrangement requires greater investment and each area must be paved and well arranged. Therefore it is best to design one area with multiple functions. Use the same area for a barbecue and a dining room, where you can also place some lounge chairs and several chairs for moments of relaxation.

4. Opt for a small pound

If you are a fan of home and garden TV shows or home and garden magazines, you have probably noticed that no decor element has a greater effect on a garden than a water feature. Ponds are particularly popular because they are cheaper and you can even make them yourself. For example, a poorly drained land can create problems in arranging your yard. If you find yourself in this situation and you have to be lucky enough to have groundwater close to the surface, turn sorrow into joy by creating a small pound. After you determine where the small pond will be, decorate the edges with rocks, boulders, and flowers.

5. Increase visual aspect with the help of a fountain

A decorative trick especially useful for narrow gardens, often used by landscape architects, is the construction of a water basin or fountain across the field. The sky reflection in water basin widens the area of the land. Around the fountain, which will be the highlight of your garden, you can put sun beds, chairs, tables and other furniture for outdoor relaxation.