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DIY Indoor Herbs Garden Ideas

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To start the DIY process, you will need some containers for the pots, some paint, a good soil and the herbs you want to plant. To take proper care of your garden, you will have to create a perfect environment and besides the water, your plants will also need light in order to grow. In this matter, the LED grow lights are the perfect help that will provide the enough amount of light and heat that your herbs will need. The LED grow lights are energy efficient and help the plants to grow properly, thus improving the aspect of your indoor garden. Once you have solved the light problem, you can start creating the garden as you like.

Colorful tin cans

If you have old tin cans, you can easily turn them into useful pots to hold your favorite herbs. You can either place them on the window sills or apply them on a wooden board or on your garden fence to create unique garden decor. All you need is some old tin cans that look nice and shiny, some soil and you are ready to plant your herb garden. Once you planted the herbs, attach them where you want using zip ties or hooks. Another great idea of using tin cans is to paint them in strong colors and write the name of the herb that is planted inside the can. This way you will always know which herb to pick and you will add color and fun to your kitchen or balcony. Let your imagination do the work and create fun combinations of colors to revive your kitchen.

Jars on the walls

What do you say about a herb garden placed on the wall? It may sound impossible, but you can do it by planting your favorite herbs and spices in glass jars that you can attach to the walls. You can put them on wood boards or simply place them on the walls, just make sure you handle them with care so you don’t break them.

Bookshelf garden

An old bookshelf can become your new herbs garden by attaching iron bars to the frame of the bookshelf. Then, simply attach the pots with hooks onto the iron bars and you will have a solid indoor garden that will cover an entire wall in your house.

Wine rack holder

If you don’t want to spend much time and money on an indoor herbs garden and you also lack a large space, a wine rack can become a holder for your tiny glasses with herbs. Simply attach it to a wall and place the glasses in the gaps of the wine holder and you have an interesting wall garden.