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DIY Home Decorating Ideas

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Although interior designers can turn a simple home into a spectacular place, they can’t always meet their clients’ expectations. Therefore, if you want your house to suit your personal style, you have to decorate it yourself. That way, you will create a space that can match your personality, which is the most important thing when it comes to feeling comfortable and relaxed in your own home. Moreover, there are many DIY home decorating ideas that you can use to improve your place, and the best part is that they don’t require spending the huge amount of money that hiring an interior designer requires.

Ask your kids to help you with a canvas wall art project

The secret to making a home more welcoming and warm is to decorate it with meaningful accessories that can symbolize love and peacefulness. So, we advise you to ask your little ones to help you make handprint art on canvas. This idea involves painting your children’s hands using orange and yellow colors, and ask them to make a handprint sun after painting the canvas blue. Furthermore, you can use a marker to write a cute message like “You are my sunshine!” on your wall art. If all DIY home decorating ideas would be this simple, everyone would manage to create a fantastic interior design.

Make a memory box table

There is no better way to make a place more cheerful than adding a memory box table into the room. All you have to do in order to create this wonderful decoration is to use a deep photo frame to display your treasured keepsakes. Keep in mind to opt for a deep photo frame that can match the dimensions of the table where you plan to place it. If you want to turn your memory box table into the focal point of the room, we advise you to put a statement rug underneath it. Using a colorful rug with a tribal print can draw attention to the table, and it can add a vibrant touch to the floor.

Enhance your home’s exterior

There are many DIY home decorating ideas that you can use to make your front entry more cheery. The easiest way to change the aspect of your home’s exterior is to paint the front door in a bright hue. Furthermore, we suggest to frame the door with potted plants that can complement the new color of your door, and make the place look more vivid. Remember to let everyone know about your plans to avoid getting paint all over the house.