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Beautiful and Delicate Shabby Chic Kitchen Accessories

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Since the kitchen is an important part of the house where you spend much time preparing delicious food for the moments you share with your family, you can consider decorating it in the fashionable and delicate shabby chic style. Choose elegant pieces of furniture and obtain a flawless decor with the help of sophisticated shabby chic kitchen accessories.

An elegant style

The main idea of this style is to use furniture and decorations that look worn, shabby and often they are painted and polished to get an old look. Shabby chic is designed to create a warm and bright feeling, that is achieved with the perfect combination of naturally colored or painted wood furniture and bright colors used for the walls and accessories. The colors and prints are also important for the kitchen to have a nice and bohemian aspect. Although is considered to resemble the rustic style, shabby chic style is more elegant, feminine and sophisticated, with tasteful accessories.

Smooth fabrics and prints

Shabby chic style is characterized by mixing materials and textures, so you can use both old shabby chic kitchen accessories and new decorative accessories. As for prints, the most often used in the shabby chic style is the flower print and you can use it basically everywhere, from the wallpaper to the table cloth and dishware. If you have wood furniture, you can combine it with pastel pillows, light curtains made of smooth fabrics and vintage accessories such as a flower printed clock. If you have some chairs that do not fit a shabby chic decor and you can not afford to buy others, make some covers of a floral fabric and tie them in the back with a bow. The smooth fabrics and prints are also present in dish towels and little ruffles placed on the shelves.

Dishware and decorations

The specific colors of the shabby chic style are pastel and non-white and the color palette is characteristic not only for the furniture and finishes but also for the accessories. Regarding the prints, you can choose classy floral and dotty shabby chic kitchen accessories. Dishes must be in consonance with these colors and patterns, painted with flowers and with scalloped edges and items such as teapots, jugs and cake stands should not miss. In a shabby chic kitchen, woven baskets, jars, boxes and painted ceramic or metal containers are used for storage.

Appliances and utensils

As for the appliances, go for elegant items with classic and retro lines that will match the rest of the decorations, such as porcelain utensils or a retro coffee maker. For 100$ you can choose the Ariete 1388 Retro which is specially designed for the shabby chic style, having chic features, such as LED front paddles, the dial for temperature, steam and power indicator and the cappuccino device which make this product a guaranteed success. The model is easy to use and clean thanks to its rounded surfaces and the accessories like the transparent water tank, the infuser, and the waste tray.